Do what you were
made to do.

Whether you’re moving on the trails, making moves in the boardroom or just plain ready to move on from pain, our care can be your secret weapon to a healthier life.


Your body is always moving.

Right now, your brain is communicating to every cell, muscle and organ inside you. Working through the spinal cord, this system affects every function in your body and ultimately determines how you feel.

Disconnection leads to dysfunction.

Physical, chemical and emotional stressors create interferences in the body’s communication channel. This can cause a whole range of symptoms from pain and discomfort to headaches and disorders.

We go beyond symptoms to the source of your problem.


Ready to get back
on the move?
Start here.

The team at Made 2 Move is on a mission to enhance the health and well-being of the Ham Lake, Andover and Blaine communities.


Perform at your full potential.

Starting with the function of your nervous system, we use a combination of care services to deliver great results and get you back on the move.



Our adjustments remove interferences that inhibit communication between the brain and body. We also check for proper function in all extremities of the body.

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Corrective Exercises

As we adjust your nervous system, we’ll need to re-educate the surrounding muscles. These at-home exercises raise the effectiveness of treatment.

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What you put in your body determines what you get out. We provide supplement advice, detox packages and personalized nutrition plans. For your convenience, we have an online store!

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Reflexive Performance reset (rpr)

Release inefficient muscular patterns and enhance your breathing with this bodywork. Book a session with a specialist conveniently located in our office.

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