Let’s get back to the basics of what it means to be healthy.

Our bodies are designed to feel great. But sometimes, life can get in the way of that. Our care gets you back on track and makes sure you can move the way you were made to.

Chiropractic teaches us that pain doesn’t have to be a part of living. That symptoms are only a signal to something else. And any ailment can be fixed by the power of the human body.

It’s our mission to share this understanding with as many people as possible. We hope you can be next.

-Dr. Carly Furney & Dr. Luke Eggerichs

Hi, I'm Dr. Carly.
I'm Dr. Luke.
And we're here to
change the game
for good.



Dr. Carly

As a former gymnast and dancer, Dr. Carly knows the stress these sports put on your body all too well. Her FAKTR®, a soft tissue rehabilitation technique, and USA-W Sports Performance Coach certifications equip her to keep you in top form.

Dr. Carly is also certified in the ICPA Webster technique, making her your go-to chiropractor for all prenatal and postpartum care.


Dr. Luke

Dr. Luke, a college lacrosse coach on the side, loves helping athletes take their game — and their health — to the next level. His FAKTR® and Functional Movement Therapy (FMT) certifications will get you back in the action and give you a competitive edge.





(Office Manager)

Tara, our office manager, is well aware of all the benefits chiropractic has to offer. She has had eight years of experience in our world of health and wellness. Tara is a weekend warrior who enjoys running and pushing her body to the limits. She has experienced the healing miracles of chiropractic first hand in her life and in the life of her children.



(massage therapist)

Ashlyn, our massage therapist, has received chiropractic care her whole life. She focuses on dysfunctional tissue, promoting functional movement within the body. Ashlyn enjoys watching clients gain strength and range of motion through the benefits of massage and chiropractic work.


Committed to building healthier communities in The North Metro.

Improving the health of our community as a whole is our number one goal. We partner with like-minded businesses in our area to help our patients find the care they need no matter the issue.