We give you the power to perform.

Our care is the catalyst. The push, the spark, the support your body needs to work the way you need it to. Starting with the function of your nervous system, we use a combination of services to deliver great results and get you back on the move.




Nothing is more essential to your overall health than your nervous system. It’s so important, it’s the only part of your body fully encased in bone.

Chiropractic adjustments remove interferences in the nervous system, keeping the flow of communication between your brain and body active.

While the spine is incredibly important, we also check every joint throughout your body to ensure proper alignment and eliminate compensation patterns.


Corrective Exercises

Adjustments create a lot of positive changes in your body, but it doesn’t stop there. We prescribe rehabilitative stretches and exercise protocols to re-educate surrounding muscles.

Establishing stronger connections between the nervous system and the rest of your body improves the effectiveness of chiropractic care.

We'll send you home with a rehab package as well as a light regimen of stretches and exercises.



You know nutrition matters, but picking the right products is challenging with all the options and information out there.

Let us be your trusted advisors. We provide supplement advice and nutritional coaching based on your individual needs.

From detox packages to natural supplements, we only suggest medical-grade, safe and effective products backed by legitimate research.



When life’s moving too fast, massage is the perfect way to de-stress your body and refresh your mind.


Made 2 Move accepts most major insurances and also offers affordable cash and family plans.

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